Lauren Baldwin

Contributing Author

Lauren Baldwin has been licensed as an attorney in New Mexico for twenty years. She has extensive experience as a litigator and appellate practitioner in criminal and family law (including adoptions). She holds a Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Articles By Lauren Baldwin

Getting a Criminal Charge Dismissed
Many cases are dismissed before a plea or trial. Learn about the common reasons why.
Using a Gun for Self-Defense: Laws and Consequences
Laws in every state spell out when and whether you can use a gun to defend yourself or someone else.
State and Local Laws Regulating 3D-Printed Guns
Firearms sellers must be licensed, and weapons sold must have a serial number. How, if at all, do these rules apply to 3D-printed guns that are not sold by the maker?
What Is the Bench Trial Process?
A bench trial is tried to a judge only—there's no jury. Learn how bench trials work in criminal cases and why a defendant might choose to go that route over a jury trial.
Felony Assault & Battery Laws and Penalties
The crime of battery is the intentional touching of another in an angry manner, or the intentional use of force or violence against another. Assault is defined very differently from one state to another.
What Is the Suspended Imposition of a Sentence?
If you are convicted at trial or plead guilty to a crime for which the judge can sentence you to jail or prison, the judge can suspend all or part of the sentence and place you on probation (supervised or unsupervised). A suspended sentence can be an excellent alternative to serving a lengthy jail or prison sentence.
Expunging or Sealing an Adult Criminal Record
Even years after a criminal conviction, a criminal record can interfere with your ability to obtain employment, housing, and professional licenses. Is it possible to clear a criminal record after an arrest or conviction?
Who Decides to Try a Juvenile as an Adult?
In most states, when children are accused of criminal acts, the case most often is addressed in a juvenile court and not in the adult criminal court system. All states, however, have provisions that allow or require the courts to treat juveniles in certain cases as adults.
Revenge Porn in Illinois
Illinois has criminalized revenge porn – posting or distributing intimate photographs, images, or videos of another person on the internet without the person’s consent and in order to harass or upset that person.
I'm Being Charged with Rape: What Should I Do?
A rape charge is a serious felony charge with severe penalties. Here's what to do if you are facing rape charges, the possible consequences if you are convicted, and how a lawyer could help.