Mark Theoharis


Mark Theoharis is a writer and former attorney who specializes in legal writing for non-lawyers. The need to translate the Byzantine world of legal language into something an average reader can understand and use led him to create his own company, where he has provided law firms, companies, and professionals with a range of services, from creating manuals and guides to ghostwriting books and blog posts.

Articles By Mark Theoharis

Felony Theft and Larceny Laws
Learn how states define and penalize felony theft and felony larceny.
Securities Fraud: Sentencing and Penalties
Securities fraud is a crime that typically involves complicated facts and extensive government investigations, and one that can lead to lengthy jail sentences and stiff fines if you are convicted.
Exhibition of Speed and Street Racing Violations
Ever since the automobile first made its way onto American roadways, cities and states have limited how fast cars could legally travel. Though speed limits are an ever present limitation whenever you drive, many people are not aware that you can also violate traffic laws by engaging in exhibitions of speed.
Failure to Stop and Render Aid (Hit and Run)
A person facing hit-and-run charges could face felony penalties. Learn about your duty to stop and render aid if you're involved in a car accident.
Reckless Driving Violations and Penalties
The crime of reckless driving occurs whenever someone operates a vehicle in such a way that it poses a risk to others. Unlike some other traffic laws, reckless driving is highly dependent on the circumstances of each individual case.
Good Samaritan and Bystander Laws
Learn about Good Samaritan laws, their purpose, and their protections, and what responsibilities bystanders may have in emergencies.
Incorrigibility: Juvenile Laws
Incorrigibility laws still exist, although they may go by different terms. Learn how incorrigibility laws work and what the consequences might be to the juvenile and their family.
Phishing: Sentencing and Penalties
The crime of phishing occurs when a person sends an e-mail, text message, or other communication to someone else in an attempt to convince the recipient to reveal sensitive personal information.
Laws on Practicing Without a License
Hundreds of occupations require professional licensing, and not having that license can result in criminal or civil penalties or both.
Misappropriation of Funds: Definition and Criminal Penalties
Learn how the law defines and punishes misappropriation of funds.