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Mark Theoharis is a writer and attorney who specializes in legal writing for non-lawyers. The need to translate the Byzantine world of legal language into something an average reader can understand and use led him to create his company, De Novo Writing. He provides law firms, companies, and professionals with a range of services, from creating manuals and guides to ghost writing books and blog posts.

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Burglary: Charges, Penalties, and Sentencing
When most people think of burglary, they think of a thief in a black outfit sneaking into someone's home in the middle of the night. While such activity definitely counts as burglary, the legal definition applies to a much broader range of activities.
Differences Between Theft, Burglary, and Robbery
The crimes of theft, robbery, and burglary are commonly lumped together because most people believe they involve the unlawful taking of someone else's property. While theft and robbery are similar crimes that involve the taking or attempted taking of personal property, burglary is slightly different.
Laws on Fraud
Fraud involves using a lie, deception, falsehood, or dishonesty in an attempt to gain a benefit. The states and the federal governments have identified many types of fraud as criminal.
Health Care Fraud
It's estimated that as much as 10 percent of all the money spent on health care every year is paid out on fraudulent claims. Health care fraud is a crime in which someone uses lies, deceptions, or falsehoods when filing a health care claim in an effort to make a profit or to gain some type of benefit.
Transmitting an STD in Indiana
In the state of Indiana, passing certain sexually transmitted diseases to others is a crime in some situations. Depending on the circumstances of the case, an STD crime will be either a felony or misdemeanor offense.
Vandalism: Crimes and Penalties
Vandalism is the willful destruction or damaging of property in a manner that defaces, mars, or otherwise adds a physical blemish that diminishes the property's value.
The Crime of Identity Theft
Identity theft is a crime that occurs when someone uses a victim’s personal information to pose as the victim in order to obtain goods, services, or anything else of value.
Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Can Lead to Criminal Charges
Operating any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is dangerous, which is why all states have not only drunk driving laws, but also drunk boating laws.
Transmitting an STD in California
The state of California has several criminal laws that address either transmitting sexually transmitted diseases or exposing others to the danger of transmission. These laws create specific STD-related crimes, and allow for enhanced penalties if people commit other crimes while infected with an STD.
Transmitting an STD in Arizona
Unlike many other states, Arizona law does not specifically criminalize transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, nor does it specifically address exposing someone to such a disease. However, there is a rather broad law in Arizona that applies to any situation where someone with a sexually transmitted disease exposes someone else to it.