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Mark Theoharis is a writer and attorney who specializes in legal writing for non-lawyers. The need to translate the Byzantine world of legal language into something an average reader can understand and use led him to create his company, De Novo Writing. He provides law firms, companies, and professionals with a range of services, from creating manuals and guides to ghost writing books and blog posts.

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Unlawful Restraint
Holding someone against their will is an example of unlawful restraint. Learn how states define and penalize this criminal act.
Juvenile Shoplifting Penalties
A juvenile who shoplifts commits the same offense as an adult who shoplifts, but the matter will be handled much differently. Minors charged with crimes go to juvenile court, not adult criminal court.
Wire Fraud: Laws and Penalties
The catch-all federal crime of wire fraud carries stiff penalties and applies to a broad range of fraud schemes involving interstate communications.
Criminal Mischief
Criminal mischief has likely been around for as long as people have owned personal property. Any time a person damages someone else's property without the owner's permission, that's criminal mischief.
What Is Illegal Gambling?
Gambling laws vary from state to state. All states prohibit some types of gambling and generally regulate legal forms of gambling. Learn about the possible penalties for illegal gambling, gaming, and betting activities.
Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon
Unlawful discharge of a weapon crimes can be either misdemeanor or felony offenses depending on the state and the circumstances of the case.
Tax Fraud
Using fraudulent or illegal means to avoid paying taxes is generally referred to as tax fraud or tax evasion.
Transmitting an STD: Criminal Laws & Penalties
Criminal transmission of an STD crimes commonly encompass different types of diseases. State laws typically include both HIV as well as other communicable or contagious sexually transmitted diseases.
Selling and Supplying Alcohol to Minors
State prohibitions against underage drinking extend further than merely the sale of alcohol. It's also illegal to furnish, supply, provide, or give alcohol to a minor.
Criminal Trespassing Laws and Penalties
A property owner has the right to use his or her property in any manner that is not otherwise prohibited by law. Part of this right includes being able to use the property exclusively and preventing other people from entering the property without permission.