Kat McClain

Attorney · University of Houston Law Center

Kat McClain writes on the topic of criminal law for Nolo. She’s licensed to practice law in Arizona and Wisconsin, as well as the Western District Court of Wisconsin and the Central District Court of California.

Education. Originally from the Midwest, Kat moved to Texas and attended the University of Texas, where she received her B.A. in Political Science and minored in Pre-Law. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a child advocate in dependency court for East Texas Child Advocates.

Legal training. Kat moved to Houston, one of the largest legal markets in the nation, to attend law school. While at the University of Houston Law Center, Kat actively pursued many different opportunities, including clerking for a family law judge and a nationally-known attorney, Rusty Hardin.

Areas of experience. After graduating from law school, Kat began practicing family law. While in Texas, she was a certified mediator and conducted mediations for small claims courts and the Better Business Bureau. Always looking to improve her knowledge and skills, she next moved to Southern California to get her LL.M. in Trial Advocacy at California Western School of Law. While on the West Coast, she added landlord-tenant law to her repertoire. Additionally, she worked with the California Innocence Project. Kat eventually landed back in the Midwest, where she currently practices criminal defense and family law.

Personal interests. When not working in her law practice, Kat enjoys politics, writing, reading, and watching her favorite sports teams.

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