Ave Mince-Didier

Attorney (UC Berkeley School of Law)

Ave Mince-Didier received her J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and her B.A. from Louisiana State University. She handled criminal appeals as a public defender and also worked as a staff attorney at the California Supreme Court. She is licensed to practice law in Georgia and California.

Articles By Ave Mince-Didier

What Is a Vagrancy Charge?
Vagrancy laws still exist today. Learn what vagrancy is, how current law makes vagrancy illegal, and how vagrancy is punished.
Incest Laws and Criminal Charges
An overview of the legalities of incest, different forms of acts of incest that are considered illegal, pressing charges for incest, defenses, penalties that may occur, and how a lawyer can help.
Disorderly Conduct in Minnesota
Learn about Minnesota's laws and penalties prohibiting acts that disturb the peace, such as disorderly conduct, unlawful assemblies, and riots.
Arkansas Misdemeanor Crimes by Class and Sentences
In Arkansas, misdemeanors are crimes punishable by up to one year in county or local jail.
Should I Admit Guilt to My Criminal Defense Attorney?
It's up to the judge or jury to determine guilt. Your job is to be candid with your defense attorney, so that he or she can present the best possible defense.
Juvenile Simple Assault
A juvenile can be charged with simple assault for injuring another person, threatening to or attempting to injure another person, or even making another person afraid.
What to Do and Not Do When Arrested
Being arrested is stressful. Understand your rights when arrested, so you can stay calm and not inadvertently make things worse.
Hate Crimes: Laws and Penalties
Hate crimes, or bias-motivated crimes, are offenses committed because the victim is a member of a certain group, such as a racial or religious minority.
State RICO Laws
Many states have enacted racketeering laws to prosecute organized crime, as well as otherwise legitimate businesses that participate in criminal activity. Racketeering laws allow state prosecutors to bring all of an organization's different criminal acts together in one single prosecution.
Home Invasions
Having one's home invaded is traumatic. The law recognizes the sanctity of one's home and provides harsh penalties for home invasion crimes, such as burglary.