Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyers

Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyers

Michael W. Moran, P.C.

220 E. Costilla St. , CO

Cantley Law

Cantley Law focuses exclusively on criminal law, with the majority of the practice being criminal defense of pending charges. The firm can handle any type of criminal charge, and at any stage of the proceedings.

Denver, CO

Cantley Law is the law firm of K. Thomas Cantley. By focusing only on criminal law, the firm provides a superior service to a general practice.

Burnham Law

Denver , CO

Melnick Timmerman LLC

Steamboat Springs , CO

Haltzman Law Firm

Fort Collins , CO

Stinar & Zendejas

Stinar Zendejas Burrell & Wilhelmi, PLLC is a Colorado law firm that represents individuals and companies in a wide range of legal arenas.

Colorado Springs, CO

Our attorneys offer a wide range of services and have not only specialized technical and legal backgrounds, but also a breadth of experience and an understanding of the complexities that may be involved in legal matters.

Law Office of Mark P. Miller

We will negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and/or litigate your claim!

Denver, CO

WHO BETTER TO DEFEND YOU THAN A FORMER PROSECUTOR? In order to win an argument, it helps to know how your opponent thinks.


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