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California Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Chastaine Jones

Chastaine Jones law office offers outstanding legal service to clients charged with criminal misconduct. We believe in fairness and integrity. We take on law enforcement and the machinery of government without reservation to protect your rights.

Gold River, CA

The law office of Chastaine Jones Criminal Defense Attorneys provides the top-ranked and dedicated legal counsel, advocacy, and support from the law office in Gold River. We promise excellent care and support to a diverse range of clients across our region who are accused of felony or misdemeanor offenses.

Law Office of Joshua Kaizuka

A Criminal or DUI conviction can have major consequences large fines, losing your drivers license and even jail time. If you or a loved one has been arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your

Sacramento, CA

When you, a family member, or a friend is in trouble or going to trial, you have questions. Whether the trouble comes in the form of a misdemeanor, a felony, or actions against a professional license, you have questions.

Goldblatt Law Firm,

Quality Representation at an Affordable Price Accomplished Attorney Represents Clients Throughout Santa Clara County with Diligence and Determination Trusted counsel for business litigation, real estate litigation and criminal defense

Gilroy, CA

Experienced lawyer helps you navigate civil and criminal systems Unless you are an attorney or have a background in law, becoming embroiled in the legal system as a defendant or plaintiff can be confusing and confounding, threatening your business interests, real estate dealings, or your very freedom.

Nor Cal Criminal Law

Nor Cal Criminal Law, Attorney Susan M. Hearne - Get The Help You Need!

Chico, CA

Liberty and Justice for ALL! We are here to help you. Susan is a Criminal Defense attorney in Chico, serving Glenn, Butte and Tehama County. -DUI and DWI -Criminal Defense We protect each client's freedom, rights, and financial future, providing experienced advice

Frank Dice

Salinas, CA

Traback, DuBois & Ikuma

Oakland Criminal Trial Attorneys

Pleasanton, CA

Being charged with a criminal offense does not automatically mean you will be found guilty. Still, many people immediately feel defeated when they have been arrested. You do not have to let things happen to you.

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Thomas V. Kelley

California Criminal Law Attorney

San Jose, CA

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. A conviction can result in imprisonment, the imposition of fines, the loss of property or voting rights, and in the most serious circumstances, the death penalty.

Fuller Law

At Fuller Law, clients from the Bay Area receive aggressive and quality representation. Mr. Fuller is a top-rated attorney representing criminal defendants and injury victims.

San Jose, CA

Many attorneys will promise to "fight hard" for you and no doubt they will. But fighting hard and fighting smart should not be confused. The two strategies can lead to vastly different results.

Law Offices of Dennis J. Luca

Experienced San Jose Family and Criminal Defense Attorney

San Jose, CA

Focusing on family law and criminal defense At the Law Offices of Dennis J. Luca, we are dedicated to helping the people of San Jose, California and surrounding counties within California in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law (Felony and Misdemeanor) matters.

Newman & Evans A.P.C.

Serving Fairfield|Vallejo|Vacaville|Dixon|Vacaville|Benicia|Solano County

Fairfield, CA

Newman & Evans A.P.C. is an experienced California criminal defense firm, serving Solano County. The lawyers, Barry K. Newman And Tiffany Evans, are experienced trial lawyer, having represented criminal defendants for over 30 years. Dedicated Criminal Defense Law Practice Newman & Evans A.P.C.

The Law Office of Derek R. Ewin

Experienced Former Contra Costa County Prosecutor

Walnut Creek, CA

In 2005, after approximately 13 years in District Attorneys' offices, I opened my own law practice. My office is completely dedicated to adult and juveniledrunk driving and criminal defense.

Darryl J. Billups

Experienced Hayward Criminal Lawyer

Hayward, CA

Former Alameda County Senior Trial Deputy District Attorney. Our firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: Criminal Law. Family Law, Divorce, Homicides, Capital Crimes, Rape, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, DUI.

Law Offices of Paul B. Meltzer A Professional Corporation

"State & Federal Criminal Law".

Santa Cruz, CA

The office of Meltzer, Paul B. practices law in Santa Cruz, California and Santa Cruz Co.. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping clients with their legal matters regarding: State and Federal Criminal Law White Collar Crime Please contact our Santa Cruz law firm with questions about your legal issue.

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Tully & Weiss Attorneys at Law

Our practice primarily represents individuals under criminal investigation or prosecution. Each member of our firm has a reputation for aggressive defense, hard work, and courtroom success.

Martinez, CA

Tully Weiss has a superb level of criminal trial experience including rough and complex trials against shrewd prosecutors in front of tough juries. When facing serious charges, the State of California sees you as just a number.

Joe Gazzigli

Aggressively Defending Your Rights and Freedom

Redding, CA

-Joe Gazzigli is well known and admired for his integrity and generosity. He has been repeatedly recognized by his peers as maintaining the highest-quality law practice and an unparalleled commitment to the North State community. His 35 plus years of excellence in the practice of law as well as hundreds

Law Offices of Brian P. Berson

San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney

San Francisco, CA

Representing accused people throughout California Brian P. Berson is a San Francisco-based criminal defense lawyer with more than 25 years of experience.

Randall G. Knox

San Francisco, CA

John T. Philipsborn

San Francisco, CA

Balin & Kotler, LLP

San Francisco, CA

Law Office of KJ Petsas

South San Francisco, CA

Law Office of William Conwell

Criminal & DUI Defense-Lake & Mendocino Area

Lakeport, CA

I focus on criminal and DUI defense. I believe an aggressive defense, that includes being willing to go to trial and actively argue pre-trial motions provides the client with the best chance of success.

Salman Borhani

Calabasas, CA

Mary Ann F. Bird

Stockton , CA

R. Fenn Law

Palmdale , CA

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Law offices of A1LawGroup

Santa Barbara, CA

Open for Business

Law Office of Kelli Mendez

The Law Office of Kelli Mendez is an aggressive criminal defense and family law firm. We never work for the government and work exhaustively to protect individual rights and freedoms.

Modesto, CA

The Law Office of Kelli Mendez offers a full service criminal defense firm for you. We have experience with complex cases and lower level criminal cases like Petty Theft and Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Aggressive criminal defense includes a willingness to go to trial when necessary and a thorough

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