Wyoming Gun Laws

Learn about gun control laws, gun permit requirements, and penalties in Wyoming.

In Wyoming, adults can purchase a gun without a license. You may also carry a concealed weapon without a permit if you would qualify for a concealed carry permit if you applied. This law, which was enacted in 2011, replaced the previous Wyoming law that required you to obtain a concealed carry permit. In other words, if you are eligible for a concealed carry permit, you can carry a concealed weapon now without applying for a permit.

You may want to apply for a permit even though it's not required. You might want to do so, for example, if you would like to take advantage of reciprocity agreements with other states that require your having a permit. (Wy. Stat. Ann. § 6-8-104.)

For more information, see Open and Concealed Gun Carrying Laws in Wyoming.

How to Obtain a Concealed Handgun License in Wyoming

As explained above, you do not need to obtain a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon in Wyoming, as long as you qualify under the following requirements. If you decide to apply for a concealed handgun license you must apply at the sheriff’s office in the county where you reside. To qualify, you must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • not suffer from a physical infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a firearm
  • be eligible to possess a firearm under federal law
  • not have been committed to an institution for controlled substance abuse within the year before applying for the permit, and not be a chronic drug or alcohol abuser
  • not have been convicted of certain felony or misdemeanor violations of the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act, or similar federal laws
  • demonstrate familiarity with a firearm
  • not have been adjudicated as legally incompetent
  • not have been committed to a mental institution, and
  • not have been found guilty of certain violent crimes

(Wy. Stat. Ann. § 6-8-104.)

Does Wyoming Recognize Concealed Handgun Licenses From Other States?

Yes. Wyoming recognizes concealed handgun carry permits issued by states with which Wyoming has entered into reciprocity agreements. The Wyoming Attorney General’s website provides a list of states with reciprocity agreements with Wyoming.

Penalties for Illegally Carrying a Concealed Handgun

It is a misdemeanor to carry a handgun in Wyoming if you would not be eligible to obtain a concealed carry. Penalties for a first offense include a fine of up to $750, up to six months in jail, or both. Second and subsequent offenses incur a fine of at least up to $2,000, up to two years in prison, or both. (Wy. Stat. Ann. § 6-8-104.)

Getting Legal Help

If you have any questions about whether you are allowed to carry a gun in Wyoming, or if you are facing charges for a gun eligibility or permit violation, consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

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