Criminal Record Expungement in Alaska

It's generally not possible to expunge – that is, erase or seal -- an accurate arrest or charge on an Alaska criminal record, even if you have completed probation.  Alaska allows adult criminal records to be expunged in very limited circumstances. Below is a summary of Alaska’s state laws governing expungement.

Sealing Your Criminal Record

In Alaska, you may ask to have your criminal record sealed only if the record is, beyond a reasonable doubt, based on mistaken identity or false accusation. To have your records sealed, you must complete a form called Request to Seal Criminal Justice Information.

If your criminal record is sealed, the information it contains may be disclosed only for purposes of:

  • record management (including auditing)
  • criminal justice employment
  • your own review
  • statistics or research
  • preventing imminent harm to a person, or
  • satisfying a statute or court order.

(Alaska Statutes § 12.62.180)

Correcting an Inaccurate Criminal Record

If your criminal record is not based on mistaken identity or false accusation, but contains other errors, you may be able to have it corrected. To do so, you must complete a form called Request to Correct Criminal Justice Information.

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