I was falsley accused of a crime and went through a big hassle to clear my name. Can I file a lawsuit for being falsely accused?


I have been falsely accused of a crime, and had to go through the criminal court struggle to clear my name. Is there anything I can do to get back at the District Attorney who wrongfully filed charges against me, and the person who falsely accused me of this crime?


There are steps you can take to pursue remedying your falsely accused crimes. In terms of filing suit against the DA, you would have to show that the evidence presented could not have possibly been enough to show you guilty, and that they pursued the charges against you in bad faith. To make this determination, you should speak with an experienced criminal lawyer to assist you in making that determination. In terms of filing against the person who accused you, you may be able to seek a defamation or slander charge if the crimes alleged are extremely bad and unpopular in society, such as sex crimes, violent or serious felonies, or other “immoral” crimes. You should speak  to an experienced civil lawyer  who can help determine whether the elements of defamation or slander are met, and if you would be able to prove your case and recover damages.

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