Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

LeGrande Law

Houston, TX

Hunsucker Legal Group, PLLC

Denton Criminal Defense Attorney

Denton, TX

Experienced, Aggressive Representation When you are faced with criminal charges or a DWI, don't just let any attorney defend you, put your trust in the Hunsucker Legal Group. You don't have to take time off work.

The Coffey Firm

Fort Worth , TX

Sarah Roland, Defense Lawyer

Clients and colleagures agree that Roland is one of the best defense lawyers in North Texas

Denton, TX

Sarah Roland strives to achieve the best outcome for her client. She is 100% devoted to defending those accused of criminal offenses. Areas of Law -Criminal Defense -Intoxication Offenses -Drug Offenses -Juvenile Defense -Child Injury -Assaultive Offenses -Sexual Offenses -Weapon Offenses -Homicide -Theft Crimes -Probation Revocations & Motions to Adjudicate -Early Release -Nondisclosures and Expunctions -Appeals -Tickets

Odom, Davis & Hobson

A Houston based law firm serving to clients charged with various white collar crimes including tax fraud and health care fraud.

Houston , TX

Odom, Davis, & Hobson is a criminal defense firm that represents clients under federal investigation or charged with violations of federal law. We are commited to getting the best possible results for our clients. Areas of Law -Criminal Tax -Tax Evasion -Tax Fraud -Health Care Fraud -Child Pornography -White Collar Crimes -Appeals -Environmental Crimes -RICO -Drug Crimes -SEC Violations Call 713-223-5575

The Peugh Law Firm

Daniel Peugh is the attorney that will build your defense and vigoursly represent you and your best interests.

Denton , TX

Attorney Peugh has over 20 years practicing Criminal Law. - Driving While Intoxicated - Drug Offenses - Assault Offenses - Probation Violations - Theft, Fraud, and Forgery Cases - Criminal Record Expungement and Clearings - Juvenile Defense and Punishments He has assisted clients in Denton County, Texas with their

John M. Cook, Attorney at Law

John M. Cook is a formidable and well-respected Dallas criminal defense attorney. His many years spent as a district attorney and police officer make him knowledgeable about many of the strategies and thought processes employed by the prosecution.

Dallas, TX

John M. Cook defends clients in all areas of criminal law, but is well renowned for his skill at defending DWI cases. Not only is John M. Cook a Former police officer and prosecutor; but he is also an experienced investigator and police detective.

Daniel & Halstead

San Antonio , TX

Dorothy Butler Law Firm

Dripping Springs , TX

The Baker Firm

San Antonio , TX

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Paula D. Perez Law

San Antonio , TX

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Offers Video Calls

Marsala Law Group

Aggressive and Experienced Criminal Defense Throughout North Texas

Denton, TX

The Marsala Law Group is proud to be a cutting edge criminal defense law firm that is able to offer high-quality legal services to our clients throughout North Texas at highly competitive rates.

Law Offices of Phillippe & Associates

Our significant work in many different practice areas uniquely qualifies the Law Offices Of Phillippe & Associates as the legal team you can trust to resolve all of your legal matters.

Brownsville , TX

Areas of Law -Bankruptcy -Bankruptcy Chapter 7 -Bankruptcy Chapter 11 -Bankruptcy Chapter 13 -Probate -Personal Injury -Family Law -Divorce -Child Support -Adoptions -Child Custody Disputes -Criminal Law -DWI/DUI -Sex Offenses -Capital Murder -Theft -Other Criminal Charges -Real Estate Transactions -IRS Disputes -Breach of Contract -Commercial Disputes -Construction Cases Call (956) 544-6096 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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