New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

Joey Jackson Law, PLLC


New York, NY

Criminal defense is our primary area of practice; we also handle a variety of civil law matters. Our extensive legal knowledge enables us to develop creative case strategies and consistently produces positive results for our clients. Call (833) 563-9522 to schedule a case evaluation.

Law Office of Charles A. Miller

When Your Freedom and Dignity are at Stake, You Deserve to Have Someone in Your Corner.

New York, NY

The Law Offices of Charles Andrew Miller are dedicated to providing high quality representation to our clients. We specialize in all aspects of criminal defense and vehicle/traffic litigation. Our offices are strategically located within New York City, in close proximity to all of the city's courts.

Goldberger and Dubin, P.C.

Goldberger & Dubin, PC: A Winning Team

New York, NY

"Among New York's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers" The New York Times "Two of New York City's Best Trial Attorneys" Newsweek Recognized and Trusted We are well respected by prosecutors across the country, but they also know us as tenacious and formidable foes.

Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson

Aggressive Brooklyn Attorney

Brooklyn, NY

The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson was established in 2009 with a special commitment to thorough, personal client service. The firm offers rapid, responsive and reliable advocacy within the five boroughs of New York City and eastern Long Island.

Labe M. Richman

Seasoned and Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney Committed to Excellence

New York, NY

Since 1983, Labe M. Richman has consistently provided effective representation for the accused in all matters of criminal law from complex white-collar crimes to narcotics charges.

Law Office of Richard Southard

I am a former NYC area prosecutor who has been specializing in all sizes and types of CRIMINAL LAW and DWI cases for nearly 20 years.

New York, NY

The Law Office of Richard Southard specializes in providing criminal clients from all walks of life, top-notch legal representation in criminal defense and DWI DUI defense in New York City and throughout New York State.

Jonathan Rosenberg, Esq., PLLC

Jonathan Rosenberg's a New York criminal defense lawyer and appellate advocate with offices in downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan. An associate of Brooklyn's very own Howard Greenberg Law Firm, Jonathan represents clients across the state.

Brooklyn, NY

With over 35 years of combined experience fighting the government, Jonathan Rosenberg and Howard Greenberg have handled thousands of criminal matters throughout the United States, from petite larceny to major homicides: You can learn more about Jonathan's trial partnership with Howard at 86CourtStreet.

Adam M. Thompson Law Offices P.C.

Seasoned New York attorney Adam Thompson has over 30 years of courtroom and trial experience. He is a well-respected litigator who fights hard for every client, bringing enormous energy, unmatched determination and contagious enthusiasm to each case.

New York , NY

An auto accident is typically a frightening experience for the victims. All too often a victim suffers physical and emotional injuries as a result of the collision.

Varghese & Associates, P.C.

"We pave the way for clients to resume their lives. See how we can help you."

New York, NY

To meet the challenges ahead, you need the strength of a criminal defense firm with a track record of success. Whether or not you are guilty, you have rights, but if you speak to the government without the right lawyer, you are in danger of losing these rights.

Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP

Schlam Stone congratulates its team of Jeffrey Eilender, Jonathan Mazer, Samuel Butt and Michael Marcus for an astounding victory in the Appellate Division, Second Department in Chiu v. Chiu, a business divorce and minority interest valuation case.

New York, NY

Schlam Stone congratulates its team of Jeffrey Eilender, Jonathan Mazer, Samuel Butt and Michael Marcus for an astounding victory in the Appellate Division, Second Department in Chiu v. Chiu, a business divorce and minority interest valuation case.

Ramy Aqel, Esq.

Brooklyn based law firm that works hard for each and every client to achieve maximum results with individualized care.

Brooklyn, NY

Attorney Ramy Aqel has been fighting for the rights of his clients for several years. Aqel first honed his skills as a young lawyer working at the New York State Supreme Court and the Kings County District Attorney's Office.

The Gallucci Law Firm

Staten Island, NY

Drew Davidoff & Edwards Law Offices LLP

Law Firm in Monticello, NY

Monticello, NY

Practice Areas: -General Civil and Criminal Practice in all State and Federal Courts -Real Estate -Corporate -Matrimonial -Family Court -Appellate -Litigation -Probate and Estate Law -Elder Law -Municipal Law -Casualty Insurance -Personal Injury Law and Trials and Workers Compensation

James A. Baker

Ithaca, New York Lawyer with More Than 33 Years of Legal Experience

Ithaca, NY

Attorney James A. For more than 33 years, James A. Baker has been helping clients in a wide variety of legal cases with a focus on representation of individuals facing criminal charges.

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Laura Mecklosky, Attorney at Law

Hempstead, NY

Nave Law PLLC

Syracuse , NY

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Rybak Law Firm

Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn NY | New York Personal Injury Lawyer | New York Construction Accident Lawyer WE ARE COMMITTED TO CLIENT SERVICE, WE FIGHT FOR YOU!

Brooklyn, NY

Personal Injury Lawyer Brooklyn NY Representing Injured People in New York A serious injury is a life-changing event that will create all sorts of anxiety and uncertainty. The recovery process can be very painful and challenging.

Christopher & McQuillan, LLP

"The Best Defense is a Good Offense" - Christopher & McQuillan, LLP: New York Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys.

Syracuse, NY

Christopher & McQuillan, believes that building a relationship with their clients is imperative to properly advocate for their needs.

Howard B. Arber

Hempstead, NY

Law Office of Gina M. Wicik, PC

Trusted Representation. Client Focused. Results Driven.

New York, NY

Gina M. Wicik (DeLustro) received a bachelors degree from St. Johns University in 2007. In 2011, Gina received her Masters Degree in criminal justice from Long Island University at CW Post Campus.

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Law Offices of David J. Squirrell, P.C.

David J. Squirrell is a litigator with over 30 years experience representing clients on criminal matters, civil matters and appellate matters in the Hudson Valley. Client communication is paramount and each client receives hands-on representation.

Bedford Hills, NY

David served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and then entered private practice where he has represented individuals accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI), as well as other misdemeanors and felonies.


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