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Juvenile Dependency Proceedings

Juvenile or child dependency proceedings determine whether a child’s parent or guardian is abusive or neglectful. In dependency proceedings, the juv...

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Teen Sexting in Washington

With the proliferation of cell phone use, especially among teenagers, the practice of “sexting”—sending nude or sexually suggestive photos by te...

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Parents' Civil Liability for a Child's Acts

From Brian Wilson’s “Little Deuce Coupe” to the Boss’s “Pink Cadillac,” teenagers and automobiles have always gone together like Prince an...

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Parent's Responsibility for Childs Criminal Actions

Junior and some of his high school pals broke into a neighbor’s garage and made off with some expensive tools. They got busted and now, on top of th...

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Fake ID Penalty

False identification documents, or fake IDs, have probably been around as long as the real thing. Having the proper identification allows you any ...

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Child Abuse

Children occupy a special place in the law. Legal systems presume that children do not have the mental capacity to care for themselves or make the...

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Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Minor in possession laws (sometimes called underage drinking laws) target sales of alcohol to minors and public possession of alcohol by minors.

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Incorrigibility Laws

The law treats crimes committed by children very differently than adults. Criminal acts by juveniles—people under the age of 18—are dealt with thr...

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Teenage Vandalism Laws

The crime of vandalism, sometimes called malicious mischief, criminal mischief, or property damage, occurs whenever someone intentionally damages ...

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Juvenile Theft

When a juvenile—a person under the age of 18—commits a crime, the act is dealt with through the juvenile justice system and not the criminal j...

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