Alabama Criminal Statute of Limitations

Below are the statutes of limitation for criminal cases which set forth the time periods within which a legal proceeding must be brought in Alabama. If the state fails to bring a case within the applicable time period, it will lose its right to prosecute the person for the crime. For certain crimes, there is no statute of limitations and the state never loses its right to prosecute for the offense.

Statute: AL § 15-3-1 et seq.

Felonies:  3 years after the commission of the offense.

There is no statute of limitations for:  (1) Any capital offense; (2) Any felony involving the use, attempted use, or threat of, violence to a person; (3) Any felony involving serious physical injury or death of a person; (4) Any sex offense involving a victim under 16 years of age, regardless of whether it involves force or serious physical injury or death; (5) Any felony involving arson of any type; (6) Any felony involving forgery of any type; (7) Any felony involving counterfeiting; and (8) Any felony involving drug trafficking.

Conversion of state or county revenue: within 6 years after the conversion. 

Misdemeanors: within 12 months after the commission of the offense. 

Unlawfully taking or using temporarily the property of another: within 30 days after the commission of the offense. 

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